Million Dollars Is the Starting Point

Davidson also said it is best to acquire wealth with financial competence. Being a millionaire today does not mean that much. Today, $1 million is just the starting point to beginning to invest like the rich. So Davidson is in reality recommending choice #8 as the means to becoming rich. To rich dad, being financially smart included knowing when to be frugal and when not to be.

8. You can become rich by being financially smart. It was learning to be finanically smart where I began to harness the same investing power I had witnessed at the age of 12 standing on the beach looking at rich dad's new piece of ocean front land. Many people become rich by being very smart with knowledge from the B and I quadrants. Many of these individuals operate behind the scenes and manage, control, and manipulate the world's business and financial systems.

Millions of people faithfully place their retirement savings and other monies into the market. However, the decision-makers of the marketing and distribution system of the underlying investments actually make the large sums of money, not necessarily the individual investor or retiree. As rich dad taught me years ago, "There are people who buy tickets to the game, and there are people who sell tickets to the game. You want to be on the side that is selling the tickets."

Empowered Success Bible

Empowered Success Bible

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