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I became very aware of the subject of investing when I was just 12 years old. Up until that age, the concept of investing was not really in my head. Baseball and football were on my mind but not investing. I had heard the word, but I had not really paid much attention to the word until I saw what the power of investing could do. I remember walking along a small beach with the man I call my rich dad and his son Mike, my best friend. Rich dad was showing his son and me this piece of real estate he had just purchased. Although only 12 years old, I did realize that my rich dad had just purchased one of the most valuable pieces of property in our town. Even though I was young I knew that oceanfront property with a sandy beach in front of it was more valuable than property without a beach on it. My first thought was, "How can Mike's dad afford such an expensive piece of property?" I stood there with the waves washing over my bare feet looking at a man the same age as my real dad, who was making one of the biggest financial investments in his life. I was in awe of how he could afford such a piece of land. I knew that my dad made much more money because he was a highly paid government official with a bigger salary. But I also knew that my real dad could never afford to buy land right on the ocean. So how could Mike's dad afford this land when my dad couldn't? Little did I know that my career as a professional investor had begun the moment I realized the power built into the word "investing. "

Some 40 years after that walk on the beach with my rich dad and his son Mike, I now have people asking me many of the same questions I began asking that day. In the investment classes I teach, people are now asking me similar questions. I began asking my rich dad questions such as:

1. "How can I invest when I don't have any money?"

2. "I have $10,000 to invest. What would you recommend I invest in?"

3. "Do you recommend investing in real estate, mutual funds, or stocks?"

4. "Can I buy real estate or stocks without any money?"

5. "Doesn't it take money to make money?"

6. "Isn't investing risky?"

7. "How do you get such high returns with low risk?"

8. "Can I invest with you?"

Today more and more people are beginning to realize the power hidden in the word investing. Many want to find out how to acquire that power for themselves. After reading this book, it is my intention that many of these questions will be answered for you and if not answered, it should inspire you to dig further to find the answers that work for you. Over 40 years ago, the most important thing my rich dad did for me was spark my curiosity on this subject of investing. My curiosity was aroused when I realized that my best friend's dad, a man who made less money than my real dad, at least when comparing paycheck to paycheck, could afford to acquire investments that only rich people could afford. I realized that my rich dad had a power my real dad did not have and I wanted to have that power also.

Many people are afraid of this power, stay away from it and many even fall victim to it. Instead of running from the power or condemning it by saying such things as, "The rich exploit the poor," or "Investing is risky," or "I'm not interested in becoming rich," I became curious. It is my curiosity and my desire to acquire this power, also known as knowledge and abilities, that set me off on a life long path of inquiry and learning.

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Real Estate Planning And Prosperity

Real Estate Planning And Prosperity

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