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The business of investing has many parallels to the business of professional sports. For example, let's use the game of professional football. At Super Bowl time, the entire world watches. On the field are the players, the fans, the blimp overhead, the cheerleaders, the vendors, the sports commentators, and the fans at home watching the event on television.

Today, for many investors, the world of investing looks like a professional football game. You have the same cast of characters. You have the TV commentators describing the play-by-play battle of the blue chip giants on the field. There are the adoring fans purchasing shares instead of tickets, cheering for their favorite team. You also have the cheerleaders, telling you why the stock price is going up; or, if the market goes down, they want to keep cheering you up with new hope that the price will soon rise. There are the bookmakers, called stockbrokers, who give you stock quotes over the phone and record your bets. Instead of reading the sports page, you read the financial pages. There are even the equivalent of ticket scalpers, but in the financial world they don't sell over-priced tickets to latecomers; they sell over-priced financial tip sheets to people who want to get closer to the inside game. Then there are the hot dog vendors, who also dispense antacid pills, as well as the people who sweep up the mess after the trading day is over. And of course we have the viewers at home.

What most people do not see in both arenas of the sports world and the investment world is what is going on behind the scenes. And that is the business behind both games. Oh, you may see the owner of the team occasionally, just as you may see a CEO or the president of the company, but the figurehead is not really the business. So as rich dad said, "The business behind the business is the real game. It's the business behind the business that makes money regardless of who wins the game or which way the market goes—up or down. It's the business that sells the tickets to the game; it does not buy the tickets." That is the investment game rich dad taught me, and what the rest of this book is about. It is the investment game that creates the richest people in the world.

So the mental attitude questions are:

1. Are you willing to start taking control over yourself?

2. Based on what you know so far, are you willing to invest the time to gain the education and experience to become a successful investor as an insider?

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