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Standing on the beach 40 years ago, I finally worked up the courage to ask my rich dad, "How can you afford to buy these 10 acres of very expensive oceanfront land, when my dad can't afford it?" Rich dad then put his hand on my shoulder and gave me an answer I have never forgotten. With his arm draped over my shoulder, we turned and began walking down the beach at the water line and he began to warmly explain to me the fundamentals of the way he thought about money and investing. His answer began with, "I can't afford this land either. But my business can." We walked on the beach for an hour that day, rich dad with his son on one side and me on his other side. My investor lessons had begun.

A few years ago, I was teaching a three-day investment course in Sydney, Australia. The first day and a half I spent discussing the ins and outs of building a business. Finally in frustration, a participant raised his hand and said, "I came to learn about investing. Why are you spending so much time on business?"

My reply was, "There are two reasons. Reason number one is because what we ultimately invest in is a business. If you invest in stocks, you are investing in a business. If you buy a piece of real estate, such as an apartment building, that building is also a business. If you buy a bond, you are also investing in a business. In order to be a good investor, you first need to be good at business. Reason number two is the best way to invest is to have your business buy your investments for you. The worst way to invest is to invest as an individual. The average investor knows very little about business and often invests as an individual. That is why I spend so much time on the subject of business in an investment course." And that is why this book will spend some time on how to build a business as well as how to analyze a business. I will also spend time on investing through a business because that is how rich dad taught me to invest. As he said to me 40 years ago, "I can't afford to buy this land either. But my business can." In other words my rich dad's rule was "My business buys my investments.

Most people are not rich because they invest as individuals and not as owners of businesses." In this book, you will see why most of the 10% who own 90% of the stocks are owners of businesses and invest through their businesses and how you can do the same.

Later in the course the individual understood why I spent so much time on business. As the course progressed, that individual and the class began to realize that the richest investors in the world do not buy investments, most of the 90/10 investors created their own investments. The reason we have billionaires who are still in their twenties is not because they bought investments. They created investments, called businesses, that millions of people want to buy.

Nearly every day I hear people say, "I have an idea for a new product that will make millions." Unfortunately most of those creative ideas will never be turned into fortunes. The second half of this book will focus on how the 10% turn their ideas into multi-million even multi-billion dollar businesses that other investors invest in. That is why rich dad spent so much time teaching me to build businesses as well as to analyze businesses to invest in. So if you have an idea that you think could make you rich, maybe even help you join the 90/10 club, the second half of this book is for you.

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