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Rich dad said, "The more a person seeks security the more scarcity they will have in their life. Security and scarcity go hand in hand. That is why people who seek job security or guarantees are often the people with less abundance in their life. One of the reasons the 90/10 rule of money holds true is because most people spend their lives seeking more security instead of seeking more financial skills. The more financial skills you have the more abundance you will have in your life."

It was these financial skills that gave rich dad the power to begin acquiring some of the most valuable real estate in Hawaii even though he had very little money. These same financial skills give people the power to take an opportunity and turn it into millions of dollars. Most people can see opportunities, they just cannot turn that opportunity into money and that is why they often seek even more security. Rich dad also said, "The more a person seeks security, the less they can see of the opportunities that abound. They see only one side of the coin and never see the other side. That is why the more they seek security the less opportunity they see on the flip side of the coin. As the great baseball player Yogi Bera once said, 'Strike out just 7 out of 10 times and you're in the Hall of Fame.'" In other words, if he came to bat one thousand times in his baseball career, and if he could strike out only 700 times, he would be in the Hall of Fame. After reading Yogi Bera's quote, rich dad said, "Most people are so security conscious that they live their entire lives avoiding striking out just once."

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