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Tara Astrology Reading

Tara is a professional astrologer that has been a student of the stars for her whole like. Are you really prepared to contest the world of a woman who has seen thousands of people's lives unfold in real life just as the stars foretold? Do you really think that you know more about the stars than her? Tara is a 9th generation psychic; she knows more about the future than most people would ever think is remotely possible. She has over 8000 testimonials that show how reliable her services have been to others; why would people come back to her time and and time again if her predictions did not come 100% true? You will be able to learn about love, money, and career from the stars; you don't have to wonder about the future. Why let uncertainty dominate you? You could know for sure what your future holds! Read more here...

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The lead astrologer of the astrology source is Deborah Fenlon-Browning. Other astrologer like Art Poppe, Agnes Ronco, and Jeff Jawler all play big roles to offer you the best service possible. She has been a practicing astrologer for over 28 years now and for years her work was limited to off line publications and regional work until 1996 when the site was launched. She is popularly known for her supply of horoscopes to different websites and newspaper and is a Yahoo award winning astrologer. She made it her mission to educate the knowledge of self using astrology as an important tool. She and her fellow astrologers has helped a lot of people in the world find out who they really are and know more about their zodiac signs. This is a website that offers you details and information that are related only to astrology. Here you will find professional report, educational and other resources to help new comers obtain a better understanding of astrology. If you register with them, any information you require will be sent to your e-mail address within the space of 24 hours. This website is meant for anyone who requires the assistance of an astrologer or who needs information and knowledge about astrology. You don't need to have any technical skill just go to their and learn what you need to know. Read more here...

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Financial Astrology Software

Astrology software is a good introduction to some of the other types of technical trading software in that the concepts that underlie it are intuitively appealing and easy to grasp. We all know our individual star signs and check our horoscopes. The notion that this can be applied to stock market trading is an attractive one.

Financial Astrology basics

Astrology is the study of the effect and influence of celestial bodies on human affairs. It has been studied through the ages by people in almost every comer of the earth, from the Mayans to the Egyptians and the Indians, and from the Tibetans to the Chinese and Japanese. It is used in many ways in agriculture, to guide travel, and generally to dictate the actions of humanity in order to produce a favorable outcome. Human beings having the impulses they do, many have sought to use astrology to make money. In the sphere of finance and investment, as in other applications, astrology is based on the movements of the planets and their location with respect to each other. This has an impact on human beings in many ways. For example, it has been proved that gravitational forces, particularly between the Moon and the Earth, have a profound effect. The most obvious is on the tides. And since the human body consists of 75 water, and the moon affects the ebb and flow of water, might not...

What is Astrology

For our purposes, Astrology is defined as the study of the correlation between the planetary positions and the market's activity. No cause and effect relation is claimed or needs to be claimed. The idea that the planets 'rule our destiny' was actually fostered by contemporary writers, not by the ancient Astrologers who studied the subject. The earliest studies in Astrology had to do with determining the time of the seasons for planting and harvesting. As time went on certain correlations between the planet's positions and the happenings of the country or region were discovered. The occurrences of such things as wars, famines, and floods were predicted based on the recorded planetary positions of the last similar occurrences. Later, the planetary positions at the time of birth of the country's ruler were added to the pot. After the invention of the printing press in 1450, planetary ephemeredes became readily available. For the first time, the commoner was able to have his own horoscope...

Financial Astrology

Astrology seeks a common bond in human behavior, similar to the work in biological rhythms and cycles. The impact of astrology on civilization has been great observations of the periodicity of the moon is traced back 32,000 years. Star charts were known to have been in Egypt about 4200 b.c., and the earliest written ephemerides were in the seventh century b.c.36 The pyramids at Giza are said to have sloping corridors leading from the faces to the interior that were used as sighting tubes for Egyptian astrologers for making accurate forecasts. The acceptance of astrology throughout history is widespread, including virtually all civilizations. Even sophisticated analysts have been found to confuse astrology with the daily horoscope found in a local newspaper. Astrology, the interpretation of the effects of planets and stars on human affairs, is an art followed by a large portion of the world population and should not simply be discarded as mystical or occult. Interpretation of these...

And Theres the Fringe

Beyond star wars, there is a fringe of technical analysts who primarily rely on the tools of a good fortune-teller. Astrology has been gaining a following in recent years, with its adherents claiming that, as other methods fail, it is rapidly moving into the mainstream. Henry Wein-garten, a well-known financial astrologer, organized a conference on astrological investing some years back at New York's Vista Hotel.4 Unfortunately, he had to relocate the conference the stars had not warned him that the Trade Center bombing would close the Vista. Astrologers, undaunted either by setbacks or skepticism, claim their science predicts price movements much more regularly than either fundamental research or charts.5 Some of the leading astrological re-l archers confidently predict the dates and times of these moves. However, they state with perfect candor that they do have problems with market direction not being sure if it will be up or down. If astrology is attempting to become mainstream,...

What youll get from this book

Chapter 4 iooks at astrology software. Many traders hold that natural laws and phenomena, including the planets and planetary movements, can help guide trading decisions. This chapter looks at the theory, at one particular software package, and interviews two traders who have been successful in applying astrology to their trading. All of these techniques are related. Gann and Fibonacci in particular are closely linked, because they are both based around number theory and relationships between numbers. Astrologer-traders often counsel, too, that number theory should be mastered before using astrology techniques to trade. There are links in reverse, too. The legendary trader WD Gann, founder of the eponymous trading theory, is also believed to have used astrology as part of his decision-making process.

Markets and Chaos Chance and Necessity

Are living in a dream world and have proven nothing. This split between practice and theory has been common throughout history in the physical sciences. Quants often refer to technical analysis as a form of market astrology, perhaps overlooking the fact that the astrologers were also the first astronomers, and alchemists were the first chemists. Quants should also remember that current scientific knowledge is not always correct.

Efficient Markets Random Walk and Natures

The perfect order crowd gravitates to astrology and looks for links between prices and the movements of the planets. Most mystics try to hide their astrological bent, but it is easy to draw them out of a shell. Next time someone talks to you about natural order in the markets, ask him about astrology. He will probably jump at the chance to come out of the closet and talk about the stars.

Methodtechnical Analysis

Will this stock rise or fall Should you go long or short Traders reach for a multitude of tools to find answers to these questions. Many tie themselves into knots trying to choose between pattern recognition, computerized indicators, artificial intelligence, or even astrology for some desperate souls.

Behavioral Techniques

The principal works of Elliott and Gann are included with a review of the Fibonacci series and ratios, which form a significant part of their technique. The way in which traders respond to market moves, and the remarkable similarity that can be found in Nature, give serious underlying substance to these methods. Because not all of the assumptions upon which these systems are based can be quantified, they are substantiated by the performance oFthe systems themselves. Both are fascinating and open areas of creativity essential to broad system development. They are grouped together with discussions of natural phenomena and the rapidly growing area of financial astrology, all of which should leave your grey matter stimulated.

Lunar and Solar Rhythms

Discussion of planetary influences conjures up images of what some regard as astrological nonsense. However, it seems arrogant to dismiss, a priori, the'possible influence of lunar, solar, and other such forces, simply because of the pervasive belief that astrology (which Webster defines as the pseudo-science which claims to foretell the future by studying the supposed influence of the relative positions of the moon, sun, and stars on human affairs ) is ludicrous. Such beliefs are often based on the absence of knowledge. But what is already known about so-called astrology, especially in the form of planetary and solar effects on earthly events

History of Astroeconomics

He was widely quoted in financial circles and in the press. His book is still the starting point for almost everyone interested in learning Financial Astrology. It takes the reader from natural laws of vibration through sun spots, and planetary cycles. Jensen spent considerable time with the Zodiac and mentions the various houses and signs. The book is easy to understand but not in the first reading because the subject matter is foreign to most students. If Luther Jensen had access to our present day computer systems, he would have been able to accomplish a considerable quantity of research on astrology. Jensen's handling of the Signs, Rulerships and Houses was presented like the expert he had become. The book is a must in anv library of financial astrology. Financial Astrology by Lt.Cmdr. David Williams is the best book on the subject in over 50 years. Cmdr. Williams compiled significant economic cycles and how they related to business cycles. He...

The Nature of Technical Analysis

Flags, pennants, saucers, and head-and-shoulders formations. Stochastics, moving average convergence divergence indicators, and candlesticks. Such is the arcane language of the technical analyst, an investor who forecasts future returns by the use of past price trends. Few areas of investment analysis have attracted more critics, yet no other area has a core of such dedicated, ardent supporters. Technical analysis, often dismissed by academic economists as being no more useful than astrology, is being given a new look, and some of the recent evidence is surprisingly positive.

Extension Of Astronomic Laws

The planets, being the nearest heavenly bodies to our Earth, have consequently the greatest influence upon the beings of this Earth. This influence comprises the sequence and events of their lives, their individual and composite actions. The science which deals with this subject is called Astrology, the oldest science in the world. Unfortunately, the moderns taboo this science as such. They claim it to be filled with superstition, to be mere charlatanism they give it any kind of name just to discredit it. If these blind millions would only know that the most read book in this world, printed in any kind of language, found in any home, the Bible or Scriptures, is just merely an old astrological book The authors of the Bible clothed the interpretations of the planets' motions into stories that could be believed by anyone, King or pauper, learned professors and little colored boys of the South. They believe it to be true, but they don't understand it, neither one of them. These wise men...

Fibonacci And Human Behavior

History is a record of great achievement in the face of disbelief, as exhibited by the explorations of Columbus, Magellan, Marco Polo the science of da Vinci, Galileo, Copernicus and the philosophy of Socrates and other men now known to be great. We are more observant today and less apt to condemn those who delve into areas still unknown. OFthese, astrology is the most popular, with a very large following, particularly in Asia. Its acceptance may be partly because of its strong basis in physical phenomena. It attempts to classify personality and behavioral traits based on positions-of planets and stars at the time of birth, and to predict the actions of groups based on the relationships of planets, moons, and comets to one another. The science of physics confirms that the positions of our moon and planets, the energy given off, and the gravitational phenomenon are direcdy responsible for physical occurrences of tides and weather should they not have a measurable effect on behavior...

Orbit earths calendar

Integral to financial astrology is the concept of planetary aspects. Any item that is traded, whether it is a stock or a commodity, is frequently affected by the relative movements of two planets. The impact is dependent on the angle between the planets, which are called aspects. There are five major and six minor aspects, each of which has its own particular significance. They are shown in the table below Explaining the significance of each of these positions in detail is beyond the scope of this book, but we believe that the software described below and the two interviews later in the chapter should provide readers with some insight into the way astrology can be used as part of a technical trading strategy. The remainder of the chapter looks at one specific piece of financial astrology software, Galactic Trader, as described immediately below. We interview Jeanne Long, its creator. To get another view on the methods employed by investors that use astrology to guide their actions we...

Planetary Aspects

A(natal chart)is directly concerned with the birth of a beifl&_ (i.e. market). It is the planetary chart that existsjitjhe xacL moment, date, and place of birth. Natal astrology is one of the more difficult areas of financial astrology because it is subject to a wide range of interpretation. It was omitted from the book because of the complexity in presenting the material without confusing the reader. Geocentric aspects and lunar phenomena can stand alone as useful tools in market timing. The material was written to Keep It Simple as much as possible. In the next few pages you will find several illustrations, diagrams and tables that will help the reader to grasp the concepts with relative ease. The section on houses and signs should be viewed as an overview. Once your interest in astrology intensifies you will make a transition into the interpretation of the zodiac.

Wave Theory

In addition to the four basic types of technical analysis described in this part (i.e., pattern recognition, econometric models, crossover trading systems, and wave theory), there exist other, less frequently employed techniques. Unfortunately, some of these involve such esoteric methods as astrology, numerology, and the like. Let the trader beware.

Bigger Game Ahead

In that case, careful perusal of the astrology pages is in order. No serious investor would want to make a move without checking the stars, or, perhaps better, consulting with a licensed professional. Things have gotten so technical these days that the top astrologers are commanding enormous fees. It's come to the point where the individual investor will soon be pretty much left in the dust, at least until the personal computer is invented some five centuries from now.

Time Cycles

Gann's use of Astrology in the markets has always been controversial. Some people have chosen to exclude the subject from any serious consideration. That, of course, is their privilege. Gann used it throughout his career and managed to accumulate a great deal of money in the markets. As a student of Gann, it would seem logical that you would want to try to duplicate everything Gann was doing. We aren't going to try to make a true believer out of you but please keep an open mind while we try to demonstrate what is known and not known on the subject. Gann wrote little on the subject of Astrology, so our major sources of information are his old charts and copies of Astrology books contained in his personal library. Fortunately, most of the books he owned have been reprinted by a few publishers and are still available. Gann wrote two letters on the subject, one on coffee and the other on soybeans. They are reproduced in Appendix B. We have analyzed most of his planetary charting...

Cycle Basics

Even when the seasonal pattern is eliminated, most cycles are still based on the periodic effects in our solar system. After the 1-year orbit of our planet around the sun, there is the 28-day lunar cycle converted to business days, this gives the very familiar 20-day reference, which remains overwhelmingly popular among all analysts. Other planetary effects, which should by no means be discarded offhand, can be found in Chapter 14 under the topic Financial Astrology. Throughout this chapter, there should be the undercurrent that planetary motion may account for the consistency of any cycle that repeats with a fixed period.

Signs of the Zodiac

In Astrology the heavens are divided into 30 sectors called 'Signs', with Aries starting at 0 and Pisces ending at 360 . The planetary positions are described as being in a certain number of degrees of a specific Sign. That is, Jupiter in 8 of Leo or Saturn in 29 of Libra, etc. If a planet happened to be in 15 of Cancer, it was plotted on the price chart at 105. Cancer is located between 90 and 120 therefore 15 Cancer would be 90 + 15 105. The program's longitude display makes this calculation for you so you will see a longitude at say, 105 rather than Cancer 15. Since we are convening degrees to price this is a more useful format. The signs can be turned off and on with the function key. The lines are shown in red and are all 30 apart. Planets in certain Signs are said to be stronger or weaker in their effect depending on the nature of the planet and the Sign it occupies. In Astrology jargon, the planets can be in their ruling sign, fall sign, exaltation sign or their detriment sign....


According to Commodity Futures Trading A Biographical Guide, R.N. Elliott was a mystic who believed mathematical relationships in an Egyptian pyramid predicted future events and corroborated his own wave theory.1 W.D. Gann's books are full of references to numerology and what can only be called a weird mixture of Bible and astrology. These two pillars of technical analysis are by no means unique. Pick up financial publications, especially those specializing in futures, and you will see advertisements for everything from financial astrology to mind-numbing esoteria like twin-vi-bration vertical-bar backtracking system that needs a computer genius to run and Ph.D. to understand. Whether you call it the Sacred Six or Chart Mysticism, the belief that price-only analysis is the key to trading success has captured the overwhelming majority of futures traders.

Section Four

The stock market in 1987 was a wonderful example of how astrology provides warning signs of impending problems. The market started the year with the most explosive upmove ever experienced in the stock market. Was it a coincidence that the United States experienced the highest water tides in 100 years on December 31, 1986 Jupiter and Uranus were forming a major bullish aspect (trine 120 ) June 21st, 1987, and the market went uninterrupted for eight months.


From time immemorial the ancients have coded the needed symbols for our future use. If you would know their teachings I refer you to books on architecture, philosophical or sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, freemasonry, the great pyramid, and of course the master hidden code book, the bible.

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