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Updownsignals Day Trading And Binary Options Signals Summary

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The Retail Forex Options Landscape

There is a substantial Over-the-Counter (OTC) FOREX options market this has been around for many years. But it is only open to banks, institutions, and large corporations. Fortunately large broker-dealers are beginning to tap into this arena and offer it to their customers. For listed currency options, the retail trader must look to either the PHLX ( or the International Securities Exchange ( Both offer listed FX options in a limited number of markets. (See Figure 19.5.) Selection and liquidity is currently low, but listed FOREX options have enormous retail potential. FIGURE 19.5 PHLX FOREX Options

Spot Forex Options

SPOT FOREX options are more flexible to set and execute, but the premiums are higher than in traditional options. A basic example of how a SPOT option works would be that the trader states his or her prediction on the market EUR USD will break through 1.4000 in 15 days. The investor gets a quote for the cost or premium associated with this option and will receive a payout if, effectively, the prediction happens. The option is automatically converted to cash when the trade is successful. If your prediction is incorrect, you lose only the premium.

Binary options

Binary options are also barriers, but the payout is either zero or a predetermined fixed amount. For the buyer of the binary, breaching the barrier activates or extinguishes a fixed payout. The payout can be in either currency of the chosen currency pair. Binary options are one of the most widely used exotic options in foreign exchange. They are popular with speculators and investors as hedges for other assets dependent on foreign exchange rates. They have also been packaged with vanillas and with other barrier and binary options to create structures with names such as cascade options, step premium options and many others. In addition they can be packaged with knock-out options so that when the trigger is hit the buyer receives the premium back (known as rebate). Their main use is by option traders as part of their portfolio management and to hedge the risks of other exotic options such as reverse knock outs. There are four basic types of binary option.

Industry News Bycarlise Peterson

In early August, currency brokerage Oanda launched a currency options product that expanded the small but growing field of forex trading firms offering forex options to retail traders. Oanda says its BoxOption product is an exotic cross between a binary option (a cash-settled option that either pays a fixed amount or nothing) and a corridor option (an option that pays off based on how long the underlying remains in a predetermined 'range').

Fraud Scams and Off Exchange

Even though there is no Exchange (central clearinghouse) for currency trading, broker-dealers who operate from telephone boiler rooms are still referred to as off-exchange. Beware of these practitioners and avoid them like the plague. Most of them have no web site or a few shoddy pages built in straight HTML and operate primarily via telephone solicitations. They typically sell FOREX options. (See Chapter 19 for information on legitimate FOREX options trading.) They are almost never registered with the CFTC, NFA, or any recognized regulatory body.

Example 121 FRM Exam 1997Question 16Market Risk

B) Answer (c) is not correct since the correct market price can be set at expiration as a function of the underlying spot price. The main problem is that the delta changes very quickly close to expiration when the spot price hovers around the strike price. This high gamma feature makes it very difficult to implement dynamic hedging of options with discontinuous payoffs, such as binary options.

Concluding Comments

Tremendous growth in the exotic options market across all asset classes has rendered certain types of first generation exotic options such as barrier and binary options almost vanilla in nature. With this growth expected to continue, the thin boundary separating vanilla and exotic options is likely to dissipate as investors become more familiar with pricing models and how to manage option risk on both an instrument level as well as on a portfolio level. As more products are introduced into the marketplace, the traditional asset allocation landscape is expected to change and accommodate a greater diversity of alternative assets to which exotic options will form a significant portion of.

New Products And Services

HedgeStreet has launched new real estate contracts for Boston, which mirror that of other HedgeStreet National Association of Realtors (NAR)-based offerings. It will trade quarterly, be listed in a binary option format, and track the median price of single-family homes in the Boston metro area (Boston, Cambridge, and Quincy Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire). HedgeStreet's previously listed housing markets include New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) began trading housing futures and options in May. In addition, the U.S. dollar Canadian dollar (USD CAD) currency contract was added to HedgeStreet's existing binary options and began trading in May. The new USD CAD contracts are offered in a daily format and trade from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. For more information, visit

Exotic Currency Option Glossary

Binary option Unlike vanilla currency options, which have continuous payout profiles, this currency option is discontinuous and pays out a fixed amount if the underlying reaches a predetermined level (the strike price). The two main forms are all-or-nothing, which pays out a set amount if the underlying is above below a certain point at expiry, and one-touch, which pays out a fixed amount if, at any time during the life of the option, the underlying reaches a certain point. Binary currency options are frequently combined with other currency options or cash positions to create a structured product, for example contingent currency options. Contingent option An option for which the purchaser pays no premium unless the option is exercised. As a rule of thumb, the premium cost is equal to the premium payable on a normal currency option divided by the currency option delta. Hence, the price increases dramatically for out-of-the-money options. This strategy is zero cost (unless exercised)...

Currency Markets

In addition to these contracts, there is also some activity in forex options ( 60 billion daily) and exchange-traded derivatives ( 9 billion daily), as measured in April 2001. The most active currency futures are traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and settled by physical delivery. Options on currencies are available over-the-counter (OTC), on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), and are also cash settled. The CME also trades options on currency futures.

Odds and Ends This web site offers binary options in a number of markets, including FOREX. You take a yes or no side to a financial question such as, Will the EUR USD go over 1.3700 Or you can speculate on the likelihood of a hurricane. Government regulated and open only to U.S. citizens. Trade the political, financial, and weather events that make up at least part of the fundamental picture for currencies. (See Figure 13.12.) FIGURE 13.12 Hedgestreet Source HedgeStreet, Inc.,

Industry News

Beginning Dec. 18, the CME will offer electronic trading of nine currency options at the same time the products are traded on the floor. The Euro FX, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Mexican peso, and Russian ruble options will be available almost 23 hours per day on the CME's Globex system. Additional forex options will be added in 2007. While almost 90 percent of overall forex volume at the CME is done electronically, only a small percentage of forex options volume is done off the floor. Derek Samman, managing director of foreign exchange for the CME, says elec tronic trading of forex options grew 81 percent in the third quarter, and that growth rate should increase with side-by-side trading now available. The CME's forex options are American-style, meaning they can be exercised at any time before expiration. Meanwhile, while the ISE will not begin trading forex options until 2007, it has begun disseminating the...

Currency Futures

The CME Group's (CME) foreign exchange volume continues to rise, up 41 percent in April vs. the same month last year. The Merc cleared 613,000 contracts in April, up from 434,000 a year earlier. Forex options volume was up 43 percent over April 2007, with an average of 15,067 contracts traded per day.


Digital Options The payoff to a digital, or binary, option is a fixed amount regardless of how deep in the money the contract is at expiration. It is not path dependent because, as with the standard format, the payoff depends only on the terminal stock price. Panel C of Exhibit 23.17 assumes a digital payoff of 10 for an in-the-money option. In this case, the current value of the digital call is Although this amount is lower than the regular call value of 4.02, there is no way to generalize this result because the 10 payoff was selected by the buyer rather than determined by market forces. For instance, if the digital payoff had been 15, the value of the contract would be 4.82 ( 15 x (0.5891)2 + (0.0392)2). In fact, the value of this exotic option is simply the present value of the fixed payoff ( 9.26 10 + (1.0392)2 in this example) multiplied by the probability that the contract finishes in the money (34.70 percent (0.5891)2). Digital options are often used by investors who have a...

Options and Exotics

But for retail currency traders, speculative options trading has been the domain of seedy boiler-room operations until recently. Several reputable brokerdealers now offer FOREX options, and the Philadelphia Options Exchange ( has gone a long way toward legitimizing currency options and making them available to retail traders. The International Securities Exchange ( is also venturing into the FOREX options space. (See Figure 19.1.) FIGURE 19.1 ISE FOREX Options FIGURE 19.1 ISE FOREX Options

Options Trading

FOREX options have gained acceptance as invaluable tools in managing foreign exchange risk. They are used extensively and make up between 5 and 10 percent of total volume of trading. Currency options bring a much wider range of hedging alternatives to portfolio managers and corporate treasuries.

Digital Binary

A binary option is an option that pays out a fixed amount of money, agreed on the initial deal date, provided that one or more conditions are satisfied before and or at expiry. If these conditions are not satisfied then the option pays out nothing. Thus the binary option does not have the standard linear payoff at expiry of a European style option, but rather an all or nothing payout. The exact structure of a particular binary option can vary greatly and hence it is hard to generalise the relative premium costs and payouts. Essentially, though, the pricing reflects the Thus, digital options produce a fixed payout if the option is at- or in-the-money at expiry, which is if the underlying foreign exchange rate is above the option strike in the case of a call option, or below the foreign exchange rate in the case of a put option. Also, then, if the option is out-of-the-money at expiry, the option expires worthless and the option holder receives no payout. The payout at maturity of the...


This product is similar to the range binary option in that both options will profit if a spot foreign exchange rate stays within a range. The difference is that, whereas the range binary structure is terminated if either of the boundaries trade at any time during the life of the option, the corridor option structure exists for the whole maturity period, with only the payout for that day forfeited should the spot foreign exchange rate trade outside the range. As the corridor option has a less aggressive risk profile, its maximum payout will be smaller than for the range binary equivalent.


Dollar deposit combined with a range binary option - in this case, the premium is invested in the range binary with limits at sfr 1.4500 and sfr 1.6500. Provided that the spot foreign exchange rate stays within the prescribed range and does not trade at either of the range limits at any time during the life of the option, then a fixed multiple of the premium amount invested will be payable at maturity. If, however, either of the limits trade at any time before the maturity date, then the range binary will be terminated and the premium invested will be lost. The investor would then receive the full principal invested plus a deposit yield. Of course, this yield will be lower than the standard yield due to the deduction of the premium needed to finance the purchase of the range binary option. Also, the principal amount deposited will not be at risk. For example, consider a one-year dollar deposit rate of 7.65 , with a range binary option, with limits of sfr 1.4500 and sfr 1.6500. The...

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