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Money Management and Trading Psychology are two very important parts to Forex Trading and it is important that these be mastered before becoming a successful trader. Many systems books and teachers seem to focus only on part of the total field of Forex Trading and fail to be successful. Mechanical Trading Systems although some are profitable are very inefficient as some have up to 66% loss trades. We have gone through a wide range of topics which are aimed at making trading not only successful but very profitable

There are a large number of variables, and although we have attempted to cover many different combinations of patterns, it is up to each trader to study further usmg other resources. One must never sop learning and researching as we have only been able to develop a successful system through many hours of research. We have also done many hours of fust marking lines on the charts to learn and understand how the chart patterns, trendlines, fibonacci lines and pivot lines work and interact with each other, also identifying the man candlestick patterns seeing where and when they are most effective.

To become a good and successful trader, it is up to you now to put in the hours of study. If you do you will be able to spot many profitable opportunities quickly and act on them with confidence.

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