Exit at one of the following where appropriate

• An engulfing candle is formed in the reverse direction to sgnal the end of a move, or

• The market bounces off a trendline, support, ressstance, double top, double bottom or pivot line (i.e. P, R1, R2, R3, S1, S2 or S3) or any other reversal pattern shown in this ebook, or

• A Fibonacci projection target is reached (161.8% is a good one) or a Fibonacci retracement level is reached, or

• When the 5/13ema crosses on the 5minute or 15minute chart in the oppostte direction to the entry.

The choice of an exit method is up to the individual trader. A trader will use different exits on different occassons depending on the circumstances and their strategy.

Prefrontal Forex
Prefrontal Forex
■S:00 ko U 10:00 fe 11:00 1:« ¡1« k:00 b:20 b:40 h:00 h:20 h:40 Uoo U:20 U:40 ¡5:00 i=:iO li:40 lt:00 lt:20 It:« ¡7:00 b:!0 b:. li:00 ¡0:. ¡5:00

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