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A few years after the development and implementation of TD Sequential, a similar indicator was created to combat the possibility of overextending TD Sequential to a large portion of the trading public. This indicator was instituted in an effort to identify the highest bar of a price move. This related indicator operates in much the same manner as TD Sequential but the rules that applies are much stricter.

Unlike TD Sequential, which is made up of three phases (although Intersection is not really important), TD Combo is made up of only two phases: the Setup phase and the Countdown phase. As with TD Sequential, each phase begins upon the completion of the previous phase. Upon the completion of the Setup phase and the Countdown phase, the market has most often reached a point of exhaustion and is prone to a price reversal. Again, each phase is important in and of itself, but when utilized together until completion, it becomes even more so.

Please note that the numbered counts and the rules necessary to arrive at these counts are the recommended settings that we use. However, these settings are not absolute. TD Combo is simply an indicator template, providing the structure from which to arrive at consistent and objective market-timing conclusions. While we recommend the settings that follow, as they have been applied successfully for approximately 25 years, we are not certain that these are necessarily the best selections possible. One may find that different comparisons and settings prove to be more profitable. Therefore, we encourage traders to experiment with different possibilities of TD Combo, either with Setup, Countdown, or any of its components.


The first phase of TD Combo is the Setup phase. This phase is calculated in exactly the same manner as it is with TD Sequential. Again, the Setup phase for TD Combo

FIGURE 6.28 A low-risk TD Sequential sell (put-buying) indication 13 using the buy-low, sell-high Countdown setting is recorded at the 30-minute high of General Electric (GE). Also displayed are theTDST lines describing breakout levels both upside and downside.

S.GE - General Electric Co, 30 Min CQG 91999.

TDST, TDSeq Countdown: Buy-low, Sail-high t

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