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Using Yahoo! Finance to build a candlestick chart is a breeze. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. To generate a chart, work your way through the following steps:

1. Get to Yahoo! Finance from the main Yahoo! page by clicking Finance or by using the URL

2. Enter the symbol of the stock or index you want to chart in the bar to the left of the Get Quotes button, and then click that button.

That click takes you to an information page for the stock or index you've chosen.

If you don't know the symbol of the stock or index, simply click Finance Search to the right of the Get Quotes button.

3. After you're on the information page, click Basic Chart in the blue box on the left of the page (Technical Analysis is another possible choice that you can visit later to explore more of Yahoo!'s charting features).

A basic line chart appears, with clickable options for making changes to the chart. The categories are for Range (time), Type, Size, and Scale.

The scale of a candlestick chart can be either linear or logarithmic in the way its pricing data is displayed. A linear chart displays prices without any adjustments. A logarithmic chart adjusts data in order to better depict performance in an investment (long-term) scenario. Logarithmic charts make sense for long-term investing, but aren't very useful on, say, a daily chart of stock prices that's used for trading.

4. Select the Range (from one day to five years) you prefer, and then click Cdl, for candlestick, as the Type.

It's as simple as that! After you've completed these easy steps, you should see a beautiful candlestick chart that looks very similar to Figure 4-1.

Figure 4-1:

A candlestick chart created on Yahoo! Finance.



□ IBM - Daily

/ -


Ä, #T'

1 (A

it« VM[;




i 11

ill 1 ill " BSi 11

ffiili,. Ißi 11



If on Step 3 you opted to click Technical Analysis instead of Basic Chart, you'd have a number of other choices, including

^ Moving Avg (various moving averages) ^ EMA (various exponential moving averages) ^ Indicators (various indicators)

^ Overlays (indicators that show up on top of the price chart)

I encourage you to play around with these until your hand is cramped. There's no better way to master the ins and outs of charts than manipulating them and looking at as many as you can. You can also flip to Chapter 11 of this book for more info on technical analysis and the ways you can combine those methods with your candlestick charts.

jflNG./ I like the Yahoo! Finance site for many things, but the flexibility of its charting is somewhat limited. For example, my favorite time period is a three-month daily chart, and Yahoo! currently doesn't offer a three-month option. However, a beta charting package is being tested, and I'm confident that the functionality of Yahoo!'s charts will be expanded in the near future.

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