I'm not sure if it's a positive or a negative, but the variety of offerings from eSignal can be a bit overwhelming. The company has several products that run the gamut of sophistication from programs for amateurs to intricate software made for the pros. The best way to illustrate the breadth of its product line is to examine its products' price range: Basic eSignal is as low as $95 a month, while the most expensive product — Advanced GET — can run more than $1,500 a month.

For novice purposes, focus on eSignal, the flagship product. It's more than adequate if you're just getting started with charting and trading. It also covers all domestic markets and allows you the choice of real-time or delayed data. And eSignal also offers free seminars all over the country where you can find out more about the product and charting in general, even if you don't use eSignal.

As a positive, the eSignal brand offers a full suite of very professional products, and as you work your way up to being a very successful full-time trader, you can also move your way up its product line. More information on eSignal's products can be found at

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