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Here's how to take advantage of's free candlestick charting offerings:

1. Direct your Internet browser to

Near the top of the page, you'll see a box for entering a symbol, with the links Quote and Chart directly above it.

2. Click Chart, enter your symbol, and click the Go button to the right of the box.

You should see a line chart for the stock you entered.

3. On the Chart Style drop-down menu, select Candle.

The chart is refreshed, and a candlestick chart appears in place of the line chart. After taking all these steps, you should end up with a candlestick chart like the one shown in Figure 4-3.

Figure 4-3:

A candlestick chart created on

Figure 4-3:

A candlestick chart created on gets an A+ for its chart-making simplicity. You can also choose from many time frames and indicators, and you can even add flags to the chart for events like earnings releases, stock splits, and dividend pay dates.

Another attractive feature is the ability to add notes to your charts, such as, "I should have bought this stock right here" before a big up day. Of course, notes aren't any good if you can't save your charts, but has that covered, too. Register at their site (basic registration is free), and you can save your charts and your chart settings, so you don't have to select every last option each time you return to the site. also offers additional information on the companies you select, including news, profiles, earnings, recommendations, and competitors' stats. You can also click the Peers tab to see a graphical representation of some peer companies. The Financials tab provides a quick overview of the company's financials on both an annual and quarterly basis, and the Ownership tab gives an overview of the company's owners, some insider holding information, and a graphical breakdown of insider activity.

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