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Take the following steps to create a candlestick chart of your own on

1. Go to

You'll see several choices on the left side of the page.

2. Click Stocks, and the Stocks Information page opens.

3. Type your stock symbol in the box next to the blue Go button.

Make sure that the button next to the word Symbol is checked, and choose Chart from the drop-down menu.

4. Click the Go button.

That gives you a one-year line chart, under which are a few buttons that indicate the types of charts that you can draw.

5. Click the third button from the left — the one with the familiar candlesticks.

6. Choose your preferred date range from the button choices or the drop-down box on top of the chart.

You should be looking at a candlestick chart that closely resembles the example in Figure 4-4.

Figure 4-4:

A candlestick chart created on Reuters. com.

Figure 4-4:

A candlestick chart created on Reuters. com.

Although at first glance there appears to be nothing significantly different about compared to the other sites I've mentioned in this chapter, there are some nice features on the site that I like:

^ You can easily overlay the price action of key competitors or a market index.

^ You can also overlay several customizable technical indicators.

Play around with the options on the site to find what looks promising and what works best for you.

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