Making sure the data is in the correct format

Unfortunately, Microsoft Excel needs your data to be in a very specific format, and, of course, it doesn't come directly from Yahoo! Finance in that format. You need to make some quick adjustments to make sure that your numbers are in order.

Basically Yahoo! gives you the right data but in the wrong order. Follow the steps below to reverse the data and get you ready for the fun part: building a chart! Follow these steps:

1. In your saved Excel data file from Yahoo!, start by deleting the Adj. Close column.

To delete this data, click the column letter in the gray box above the word Volume (most likely column F) and drag your cursor to the next column (most likely column G). Both columns will be highlighted.

2. While the columns are still highlighted, choose Edit and then Delete.

You're left with five columns of data: Date, Open, High, Low, and Close.

3. Highlight all your data, and choose Data and then choose Sort.

4. Under Sort By, select Date.

Make sure the button next to Ascending is selected, and then click OK. The data is now ready for creating a chart.

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