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You'd be hard pressed to find someone who's more enthusiastic about candlestick charting than yours truly. I can go on and on about the advantages that candlesticks afford. If you want to read more of my gushing about the many great advantages of candlestick charting, turn to Chapter 2, but here are my top reasons:

il One of the best features of candlestick charting in general is the visual appeal and readability. You can glance at a candlestick chart and quickly gain an understanding of what's going on with the price of a security. You can also tell whether sellers or buyers have dominated a given day, and get a sense of how the price is trending.

i Also, even after reading up on the most rudimentary of candlestick basics, you can easily spot the opening and closing price for a security on a candlestick chart. These price levels can be very important areas of support and resistance from day to day, and knowing where they are can be extremely helpful, especially for short-term traders.

l Candlesticks aren't just a pretty face. Candlestick charts also feature specific patterns that you can identify and use to decide when it's time to buy, sell, or wait on a trade or investment. These patterns can be a real boon to your work with securities, and you can combine them with other technical indicators for even more reliable results.

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