Using a couple of other great and free features of Big Chartscom

In addition to its free services, boasts a number of functions and areas that require payment for access. Plenty of information about those options is available on its site, but I want to highlight two more of its free features, which won't cost you any of your hard-earned trading profits.

On the page where you can view the candlestick charts you generate, look just above the chart to find several choices for more information. One click gives you access to news, other industry members or competitors, market advisor commentary, analysts' opinions, SEC filings, insider activity, as well as recent annual reports and company profiles.

Also, if you're willing to register (registration is free) then you can set up your own portfolio, view message boards geared specifically toward your favorite companies, and sign up for alerts, which e-mail you automatically to let you know about price changes and news.

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