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^ Taking advantage of free online candlestick charting ^ Using Microsoft Excel to create a candlestick chart ^ Considering a few charting software packages

J\ fter you're armed with an understanding of why candlestick charts are W • so useful and what it takes to create a candlestick, you're ready to spread your wings and do some charting. You can take the appropriate data and build a chart in many different ways, and in this chapter I provide you with some insight on the easiest and least expensive ways to do just that. I begin the chapter with the easiest method, which is to let a candlestick-friendly Web site do the heavy lifting. And the sites I describe will do it all for free, if you're willing to put up with a few banner ads (a small price to pay for some very handy services).

After taking a look at some free online options for candlestick charting, I present the basics of creating candlesticks using Microsoft Excel. Candlestick charting has caught on so quickly that it's now a standard feature in Excel's charting section. Finally, at the end of the chapter, I cover a few of the best low-cost charting packages that are widely available and make sense for individual traders and, to a lesser extent, investors.

One quick note for those of you who are left-handed. I use right-click versus left-click in some of the instructions in this chapter. Please keep in mind that I'm right-handed, so I'm referring to the way I would be clicking a mouse. If you happen to be left-handed and have the mouse set up specifically for a left-handed user, remember that when I say to right-click, readers with adjusted mouse settings need to left-click.

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