Position Size 15S

Conclusion 162

CHAPTER 7 Exit Strategies and Trade Management 163

Multiple-Unit Trading 164

Risk/Reward Ratios 165

Exit Strategies 166

Trade Management 16S

Trade Only the High Probability, Optimum Setups 197

PART TWO Trading the Plan 199

CHAPTER 8 Real Traders, Real Time 201

Adam Sowinski (Slorzewo, Poland) 202

Jagir Singh (London, United Kingdom) 206

Cees Van Hasselt (Breda, The Netherlands) 214

Kerry Szymanski (Tucson, Arizona) 218

Derrik Hobbs (Warsaw, Indiana) 222

Carolyn Boroden (Scottsdale, Arizona) 227 Jaime Johnson (Encinitas, California, and

Bogata, Columbia) 231

Chapter Summary 234

CHAPTER 9 The Business of Trading and Other Matters 237

Routines and Trading Records 237

Why Traders Win or Lose 239 Technology, Trading Time Frames, Markets to Trade, and Leverage 242

Trade for Points, Not for Ticks 244

You Can't Buy Success 244

You CAN Be a Successful Trader 245

More Bar-by-Bar Entry to Exit Trade Examples 247

Glossary 249

Bibliography 261

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