Several types of angles are used by Gann traders. In the Ganntrader program there are several angle modes available. Under the View menu you will find All Swing Angles, Main Trend Angles, Selected Angles and Back 360 Hi / Lo Angles. The Main Trend Angles selection, shown on the next chart, draws an angle from each swing of the Main Trend Indicator. All Swing Angles is similar and draws angles from each swing of the Trend Line Indicator.

The Main Trend or Trend Line Indicator don't have to be on the screen to use these two angle modes.

The Back 360 Hi / Lo Angles will draw angles from only those highs and lows that are some multiple of 360 back from the reference point. The reference point is set to the most current date in the file but can be reset under the Setup menu. Multiples of 360 would be counts of 45, 90, 135 and 36, 72, 144 etc. These counts are the same as several natural cycle lengths and angles drawn from those points are important.

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