Geocentric Planets

Planets are the longitude of the planets as viewed from the perspective of the Earth. On a trading day file notice there is a small jump in the plot between Friday and Monday. This is normal since the planets continue to move on Saturday and Sunday and this jump reflects the amount they moved over the weekend. For the smoothest daily file plots select 7-Day Chart under File: Daily File Type.

Along the bottom of the screen the longitudes of each planet are displayed for the date of the cursor. To the right of the longitude the planets latitude or declination is also displayed. The planets that are activated will be plotted on the chart and the same color is used in the box at the bottom. For a daily file the program, by default, plots the faster planets. With a weekly or monthly file the program plots the slower planets and turns off the faster ones. The longer market trends are normally seen on a monthly chart and are best predicted with the slower planets. Shorter trends are predicted by using the faster planets.

Any of the planets can be added or removed by using the following function keys:

Fl = Mercury F2 = Venus F3 = Sun or Earth F4 = Mars F5 = Jupiter F6 = Saturn F7 = Uranus F8 = Neptune F9 = Pluto

F10 = Signs of the Zodiac

F11 = Moon

F12 = Moon's Node

Hit the key and the planet comes on. Hit it again and it goes back off. If you want only one planet on and erase all the others then hold the <Alt> key while pressing the function key. This will turn on the selected planet and turn off all the others. The <Alt> key acts as an exclusive key and the plain function keys act as on / off toggles. This feature works the same as the angle and square portions of the program. The geocentric planets are available under the View menu. This is a view of the planets from the perspective of the Earth rather than the Sun. Both methods are valid Gann techniques and are available in the program. Notice that the geocentric view has a more curved plot. This is due to the retrograde position of the planets. In short, the planets appear to reverse course and move backward in relation to the stars in the background. This is due to the geocentric point of reference and is not present with the heliocentric plots. Markets often change trend during this retrograde period. In the following pages we have plotted these planets on the December Daily S&P 500 in the Geocentric mode to give you an idea of how these planetary lines work with the price plots.

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