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In the Ganntrader you can move the cursor to other points and hit <Enter> or <Insert> to start angles from those points. The program will carry the current angle sets to the new marked points. Notice that hitting its function key can include any angle. If you hit the key again the angle toggles back off. If you have a cluster of angles and you want to remove all but one you can hit the appropriate function key in combination with the <Alt> key to quickly remove all but that particular angle. You will find that this exclusive mode using the <Alt><F> key is used by other modes of the program as well.

At any time you can add or remove angles from one of these marked origin points. In order to do that you must have the cursor located exactly on the point you wish to modify. To move the cursor use the <,> or <.> keys. You can also use the Tool Bar icon.

You can't simply move to a point using the regular cursor arrow keys. Use the 'Move To' keys or Tool Bar icon. Notice on the keyboard overlay that the function keys control a number of different items depending on which mode is active. You will learn later that the program can have more than one mode active at the same time. Using the Tool Bar icon or the 'Move To' keys does two things. It moves the cursor exactly onto the setup point you wish to modify and it makes that mode the last active mode so that the function keys modify the proper item. For example, you can have selected angles, planets and a square all on the screen at once. If you hit the <Fl> key do you want the program to add or remove Mercury, add or remove a lx1 angle inside a square or add or remove the lxl selected angle? By using the 'Move To' key or icon you remove all doubt. If you forget you will see this reminder box.

You can delete a marked point in the same way as you modify one. 'Move To' the point and hit the <Delete> key located next to the <Insert> and <End> keys. The chart above shows an angle coming up from the September low in the S&P cash. The program may also draw angles down from the low depending on the status of 'Up From Lows I Down From Highs' which is controlled by <Ctrl><F3> key. You can change this status for each origin point. 'Move To' the marked point and hit the <Ctrl><F3> keys. Selecting can save the default behavior of these Options: Configure System and hit the Save button.

Make sure you are exactly on a high or low when using this feature. The Left and right arrow keys will move you from High to High on each bar. The Down arrow will move you to the Close and then the Low of the price bar. If you are using the mouse make sure the 'Snap To' feature is active. The <Scroll Lock> key controls this or Options Snap To Hi / Lo.

The Selected angle feature can also be used to find a new up or down channel by waiting for the next high and dividing the previous range into two. See chart below:

Dec Eann flats-tB ML, Selected ang, Sc D.125 Bot: 101 Top: 137.8751H1:0.125_

Dec Eann flats-tB ML, Selected ang, Sc D.125 Bot: 101 Top: 137.8751H1:0.125_








12/14/99 01/1? 02/20 01/25 04/28 Ub/U 1 07/05 08/08/2000

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