Printing Charts

If you are a serious Ganntrader, you will need to print out charts to give you the big perspective. Many traders feel that you can't get the same feel of the market looking at a computer screen as you can with real charts on paper. Some traders say that the computer screen fools your eyes. The curves computer screens do not give you the true chart picture. In Ganntrader to print a chart select File: Print Chart or click on the Tool Bar icon. This will open up the following dialog box.

Along the top half of the box a description of what is about to be printed will be shown. In this example we are about to print a calendar day chart with every tenth line emphasized. The chart will not include volume or open interest. The default date range for a chart is the entire data file. A scale is determined that will allow the chart to be printed on a single piece of paper in the price dimension. The number of price by time sheets of paper and the estimated printing time is also displayed. In this example the chart will require 109 sheets of paper (over 99 feet) in length and a print time of almost 4 hours! We may want to specify a shorter chart since this is a daily chart back to 1960.

The print time calculation is based on the value entered under Options: Configure System: Miscellaneous: Grid Speed. For the most accurate calculation print a chart and measure with a stopwatch the number of seconds the print head takes to print 20 passes and enter the average time per pass. The default entry is 1 second per pass and is fairly close for newer printers.

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