True Trend Line

Gann used the True Trend Line extensively in his trading, yet few people know about it. Most programs can do it. Gann's True Trend Line indicator is a variation on the Selected Angles mode in the Ganntrader. The following charts illustrate this example. The cursor's price line is lined up with the highs or lows pointed to by the first arrow. The cursor's time line is lined up with a high or a low point on the chart. These True Trend Lines are most impressive. Draw them on all your charts. It will be worth your time! These points are marked in the same way as a selected angle point. Move the cursor to the desired location and hit the <Enter> or <Insert> key.

As far as we know, there is no other software package on the market that can due the True Trend Line. Very few people even know of this type of trend line. The next two charts on the following two pages illustrates some more examples of the True Trend Line. Study the examples carefully. You should practice this technique on as many charts as you can. It can give you the ability to determine an aspect of technical analysis that few other people actually use.

Linear Regression LineCursor Lines

Notice in the above chart illustrating the True Trend Lines the channels that are setup using these lines. This is one way of developing channels lines that gives you unique support and resistance time and price lines. Go over many charts and try drawing True Trend Lines around major and minor bases and tops to see if you can get a handle on this particular technique. If you look over many of Gann's old charts he drew by hand, there are a lot of lines that form channels that seem to come from nowhere. Using this technique is how some of the Gann's channel lines were drawn. Other lines were planetary in nature.

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