Learning the Real Estate Market

Go through the newspaper once or twice a week. In addition to finding buyers and sellers, you'll find a lot of market information. Do you know people who read the sports section in the newspaper every day? After a month or two, they can tell you the players, how much they weigh, where they went to school, and their statistics.

What would happen if those people spent that much time looking at the real estate section? Within a month, you can learn the prices of houses in different areas, what the rents are, who the Realtors are, what the supplies and activities are. You can learn all this in the real estate section. That's how you learn the market.

If you're serious about real estate investing, make a habit of looking through the newspaper. Spend an hour, or more, looking through the Sunday real estate sec tion for at least the next 90 days. Also make it a habit to look through the real estate section on at least one other day of the week, usually a Wednesday or Thursday. But always look on Sunday.

Besides having great information about the market (interest rates, players, sellers, and buyers), the newspaper has helpful articles about mortgages, mortgage rates, trends in real estate, and new developments. If you read the newspaper regularly, you'll become an expert on your local real estate market. Many newspapers are also available on the Internet, so if you're interested in another city or area, get online and start reading its real estate section.

Commit to educating yourself about your real estate market—the different areas and prices—so you'll recognize the deals.

DAY 7 Action Plan

Making Money by Investing in Real Estate

Making Money by Investing in Real Estate

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