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The i line means there is a Things to do investigation at the end of the section.

A jigsaw puzzle: splitting rectangles into squares The General form of a Continued Fraction i m

The List Notation for Continued Fractions 11 i Continued Fractions and Euclid's GCD Algorithm Euclid's GCD algorithm Using Lists of Divisors to find the GCD i m Continued Fractions for decimal fractions? Terminating Decimal fractions i m • Continued fractions for square-roots Solving Quadratics with Continued Fractions

The Golden section and a quadratic equation i The Silver Means

Numerical values of the Silver Means i h Exact values of the Silver Means i m

Other numbers with patterns in their CFs

Squared Fibonacci Number Ratios NEW

• A link between The Golden string, Continued Fractions and The Fibonacci Series

• Two Continued Fractions involving The Fibonacci and the Lucas Numbers Best Rational Approximations to Real Numbers

• Approximating Root 2 using Fractions

• Best Fractions for Pi

• An Application to the Solar System The "most irrational number"

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