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^^ Fascinating Fibonaccis by Trudi Hammel Garland,

Dale Seymours publications, 1987 is an excellent introduction to the Fibonacci series with lots of useful ideas for the classroom. Includes a section on Music.

^^ An example of Fibonacci Numbers used to Generate Rhythmic Values in Modern Music in Fibonacci Quarterly Vol 9, part 4, 1971, pages 423-426;

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Gamelan music

Gamelan is the percussion oriented music of Indonesia. New music

from David Canright of the Maths Dept at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, USA; combining the Fibonacci series with Indonesian Gamelan musical forms. Some CDs

on Gamelan music of Central Java (the country not the software!).

Other music

The Fibonacci Sequence

is the name of a classical music ensemble of internationally famous soloists, who are the musicians in residence at Kingston University (Kingston-upon-Thames,

Surrey, UK). Based in the London (UK) area, their current programme of events is on the Web site link above.

^ A Mathematical History of the Golden Section ISBN 0486400077. ^^ Education through Art (3rd edition) H Read,

Pantheon books,1956, pages 14-22; ^^ The New Landscape in Art and Science G Kepes

P Theobald and Co, 1956, pages 329 and 294; ^^ H E Huntley's, The Divine Proportion: A study in mathematical beauty,

ISBN 0-486-22254-3 is a 1970 Dover reprint of an old classic. ^^ C. F. Linn, The Golden Mean: Mathematics and the Fine Arts, Doubleday 1974.

^^ Gyorgy Doczi, The Power of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art, and Architecture

Shambala Press, (new edition 1994). ^^ M. Boles, The Golden Relationship: Art, Math, Nature, 2nd ed., Pythagorean Press 1987.

The "Golden Cut" or beauty and design using the golden section, through the eyes of a florist.

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Who was Fibonacci?

^ The Lucas Numbers WHERE TO NOW???

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