itself is neither good nor bad. It simply has the power to reflect and reveal. And whether money reveals you to be honest or dishonest, generous or greedy, it is you—not the money—who inherently own those values.

I've come to think of money as being about having choices. Typically, the more money you have, the more positive choices you have. The two go hand in hand. The spiritual journey of financial wealth builders begins when they understand that their choices define their lives, that having more positive choices is a good thing, and that pursuing more positive choices is an enlightened pursuit.

Best-selling author and millionaire investor with their spiritual values path to financial security and prosperity, they all came to understand that the way they earned their money mattered and that mutually beneficial deals, a reputation for honesty, and fair dealing were essential to the fulfilling pursuit of their financial goals. The further they progressed, the more generous they tended to be with their time, money, and financial wisdom. They talked about the satisfaction they received not only from successful deals but also from saving people from foreclosure, putting people in affordable homes, and turning downtrodden properties and even neighborhoods into places where anyone would want to live. They also related how the success of their personal investing had created income and opportunity for their colleagues and partners. To sum it up, they had no hang-ups about money or wealth. They were experiencing the power of money and realizing all the good it could do.

Over the years I too have come to understand that money is good for the good it can do. I encourage you to adopt that viewpoint as well—that money is good for the good it can do for you and for others.

7 Ways To Success While You Sleep

7 Ways To Success While You Sleep

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