Buy A Million123

America's First Millionaire 123

The Five Models of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor 124

The Net Worth Model 127

Path Your Money 128

Budget Your Expenses 131

Track Your Worth 141

The Financial Model 144

Equity Buildup 145

Cash Flow Growth 148

Your Financial Journey 151

The Network Model 157

The Three Circles of Your Work Network 159

Working Your Work Network 165

Maintain Your Work Network 167

Engage Your Work Network 169

The Lead Generation Model 171

The Four Key Areas of Your Lead Generation Model 172

Question 1: What Am I Looking For? 172

Question 2: Who Can Help Me Find It? 191

Question 3: How Will I Find the Property or the People Connected to It? 194

Question 4: Which Properties Are the

Real Opportunities? 211

Live the Five Laws of Lead Generation 212

The Flow of Your Lead Generation Model 218

The Acquisition Model 219

Cash or Cash Flow and Equity 221

Terms for Buy & Sell 226

Acquisition Worksheets: Real-Life Examples 241

Buy a Million: You Have the Power 247

Points to Remember 250

Think Big and Grow Rich in the Digital Age

Think Big and Grow Rich in the Digital Age

Providing Knowledge is an Effective Means to Attract Potential Customers. The Internet Has Become an Unlimited Resource for Knowledge and Information and it is by Responding to This Need of Web Users That You Can Increase Your Business Sales, Advertising Revenue and Overall Profitability.

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