Buy It Right Pay It Down Pay It

This is the motto I want you to adopt, the litany I want you to repeat to yourself constantly. This is how I want you to build your financial wealth through real estate. All this will become clearer when we investigate the Acquisition Model, but for now I want you to internalize this three-part reminder: "Buy it right—pay it down—pay it off." When you "buy it right," you make your money going in—you assure yourself of achieving the best of Equity Buildup and Cash Flow Growth. When you "pay it down," you will be adding even more to your Equity Buildup.

When you "pay it off" and continue to own it and rent it, you will bring more and more Net Cash Flow into your financial life. You will have a growing stream of unearned income; your money will be working for you. This is the theme of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor's Financial Model: Buy It Right—Pay It Down—Pay It Off. We hope you will make this model yours.

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Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Financial Intelligence

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