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Buriington, vt not. Some opportunities are the result of obvious economic forces. Others are the result of local and incidental personal forces. And you're never too late. Because personal forces are always at work, these opportunities are constantly being created. While yesterday's deals have indeed been taken, tomorrow's deals have not; nor are they destined to go automatically to someone else. But in time they will be taken by someone, and I want you to realize that that someone could be you. It's really a game of hide and seek, and if you choose, you are now "it" and must seek. The opportunities are gone only for those who assume they are. You're too late only if you believe you're too late.

Fame And Fortune Affirmations

Fame And Fortune Affirmations

The big book of affirmations from famous celebrities. Affirmations and positive thinking work by drawing in energy and focusing it with the subconscious to bring about change.

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