Has Its Share of Good Investments

Rest assured: All the good investments will be taken. The only question is by whom. As simple as it sounds, the truth is that those who take them are those who best understand the conditions that create them. By the way, this is the other and more subtle side of the timing issue. While the previously discussed myth was about timing the market, this myth addresses your timing as an investor. A lot of people say to me, "Okay, Gary, now that I've decided to become an investor, where are all the deals? It seems like the few opportunities I've been able to find are already taken." I understand what they're saying, and there are really two issues at work here: the idea that there aren't many deals and the idea that you're too late to get them.

Here's what I know about market forces and how they create investment opportunities. There are two fundamental forces at work—economic ones and personal ones—and they are always present, always at work, and always influencing the marketplace. Basic economic forces show up in the form of things such as job growth, interest rates, population shifts, and area revitalization. These are the things most people think of when they think of the forces that create investment opportunities. What is often overlooked, however, is a second set of human, or personal, forces that are always present and can create additional and significant investment opportunities. Some arise from positive circumstances such as relocation, marriage, and family growth. Others arise from negative conditions such as divorce, death, and debt. In my experience, those who declare that all the good deals are taken are almost always overlooking this second set of human forces and the unique opportunities they create.

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