Always hear people say God will provide I say Gods already provided Go out and do something with it

Robert Kiyosaki

The millionaire investors we interviewed understood this and had taken care to square their financial goals

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Financial wealth building is also about personal growth. Along the way you'll discover that you have to acquire new skills and greater wisdom to keep moving forward. The simple truth is that if you don't grow personally with the growth of your fortunes, you're unlikely to enjoy them for long. In the end you can achieve a financial place of security and abundance that I call true financial wealth, where you have accumulated assets that deliver the passive income necessary to achieve your personal mission in life without having to work. To put it another way, you have financial wealth when you're finally free to stop working for a living and start living for your work—your life's work.

In the following pages we take a deeper look at some of the ways Millionaire Real Estate Investors think about money, their motivation for seeking financial wealth, and their understanding of how it's attained. If you can tap into their mindset and grasp the fundamental principles of how to build, hold, and employ wealth, you'll have achieved the first major goal of this book: thinking like a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

Millionaire Mindset Affirmation

Millionaire Mindset Affirmation

You already recognize that rich individuals think differently than middle class or poor individuals in every aspect of life. But particularly when it comes to money. That's why they're rich. Their selections and decisions just by nature bring about riches.

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