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^t^da^ Az knowledge than they currently have or could acquire easily. They think things like "It's too late, I don't have enough time," "There's no way; I just don't have enough money to start investing," or "I would if I could, but I have no idea what to do, and besides, I'm no good with money." What these individuals don't realize is that most big things start small. They mistakenly believe that big success at anything requires big and mysterious things they don't have, such as the following:

■ Special natural abilities versus a little of some acquired abilities

■ Lots of free time versus a little bit of well-spent time

■ Massive amounts of money versus a little well-placed money

In the end, what you actually need to become a successful investor is a lot less than what you think you need.

Figure 5, on the facing page, graphically demonstrates how much ability (A), time (T), and money (M) a person needs to begin an investment career. While many people mistakenly believe they need a lot of all three, they actually need a little of each: the right abilities, well-spent time, and well-placed money. Beyond this they can accelerate their growth as an investor by picking one area to increase. They can choose to focus on acquiring more ability (through reading, seminars, or mentors), give it more time (seeking opportunities or networking with other investors), or attract more money (from family members, friends, other

The Gap Between What You Think You Need And What Your Really Need

The Gap Between What You Think You Need And What Your Really Need

Figure 5

investors, or lenders). Over time, each of those three areas can grow and your power as an investor will increase.

The hidden secret is that the three factors are multipliers of each other. If you double your time, even if your ability and money remain the same, you double your current investment potential. If you double your ability and your time, you quadruple your current investment potential. If you double each of the three

"It takes patience and perseverance, but you can make it big on little deals. You're not going to get rich overnight, but you will slowly."

(2 X 2 X 2 = 8), you increase your current investment potential eightfold.

The investment game is played by beginning with a little of each and working to

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How the Multiplier Effect Works for You

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