I love the story of John Jacob Astor because it captures both the art and the science of investing. The art inspires us, and the science instructs us. The fact that an immigrant butcher's son could build America's first great fortune is the inspiration. The fact that he did it through real estate is the instruction. This is consistent with my experience. I believe there is an art and a science to achieving your highest potential in any endeavor, and building financial wealth is no exception. The art of real estate investing is about becoming inspired to overcome your MythUnder-standings and think like a Millionaire Real Estate Investor. The science is about learning and applying

"The essence of investing is getting good value. And in real estate, that's much more clearer than many other areas. It's common sense. It's intuitively obvious."

Todd Tressider Millionaire Real Estate Investor Reno, NV

the models these successful investors use. Up to this point we've addressed the art. It's now time to address the science: the Five Models of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

What You Need to Know About Real Estate

What You Need to Know About Real Estate

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