worth goals. Some choose to apply cash flow to paying down debt and therefore accelerate their equity buildup. Others tap into their equity or save their cash flow to reinvest in other properties. A few take the cash flow as it comes, leave their equity where it is, and let time do its thing. None is right or wrong—these are different paths to the same goal of increased net worth. Now it's time to turn our focus from net worth growth to annual unearned income growth.

Receive a Million is founded on the idea that you can, if you choose, reach a place in your investment life where you can step out of the day-to-day work of investing and receive $1 million in annual pretax income. It's about amassing the capital assets that can provide you with that kind of unearned income; it's about knowing the ways to convert those capital assets to cash flow; and it's about building an organization that ensures that your money will continue to work for you even when you are no longer working for your money. That's one of the Big Questions we want you to be able to answer—the ultimate destination we want you to strive for. We know that if you can reason a path to that big income goal, you can learn how to step out of your investment business some day and receive more unearned income than many would ever dream of or need: $1 million in annual unearned income.

The Power Of The Entrepreneurs Mind

The Power Of The Entrepreneurs Mind

The revenue is in the list. Youve likely heard that previously correct? Well, thats not precisely true. Not the complete truth anyhow. The greatest obstacle you face and have to defeat when you publish a ezine or put any free or paid info out there's the fact that individuals have gotten used to receiving junk from your rivals disguised as helpful free or paid info.

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