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"It's a 'who you know' world. I happened to be on the inside track with a university that was selling some properties. I knew the people that were interested in selling them, so I was able to negotiate a deal before they were put on the general market. I think that's always where you buy your best deals. Now, people are calling to say, 'We understand you buy properties. We've got one to sell. Are you interested in looking at it?' And we always say, 'Absolutely.'"

Anna Mills Millionaire Real Estate Investor Toledo, OH

You can divide the people you may want to contact to generate leads for real estate investment properties into three distinct groups: Owners, Intermediaries, and members of your Leads Network. Millionaires sometimes call them sellers, gatekeepers, and re-ferrers. Together, these three groups represent all the people who can connect you to investment real estate. Chosen specifically on the basis of who they are or what they do professionally, they can represent the exact group you will want to lead-generate to when looking for properties that meet your Criteria.

Prosperity Pursuit

Prosperity Pursuit

Those who truly want to attain a financially free mindset, have only to set their minds on it, and acquire the proper means, as they do in relation to any other aim which they want to achieve, and it can be easily done.

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