Issue 4 Control the Property and Negotiate Everything

In real estate, as in almost everything in life, the advantage goes to the one in control. Putting a property under contract even before all the details are worked out gets you into the driver's seat. And that's where you need to be. When you find an opportunity that looks good, always think about quickly getting it under contract. The contract gives you control and will always have clauses that allow you to exit the deal if your due diligence (inspections, conveyances, zoning research, etc.) shows that you need to get out. In some cases you might need to invest in an option or a nonrefundable deposit, but this may be a small consideration in return for the advantage of controlling the sale. If you determine that you do not want the property, you can still sell and assign your contract to another investor and be paid for it.

The Real Estate Profits

The Real Estate Profits

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