Issue 9 Top Grade for Ever Increasing Leverage

Ultimately, you can't do everything yourself—not if you want to get a lot done in your life. Thus, you need leverage: people who do things with and for you. Every business owner knows this, and all the investors we interviewed told us this. You can't do it all alone, and you'll do better if you don't try, particularly when it comes to investing in real estate. Get leverage. Find out which people get it done, which ones do what they say they'll do, and which ones are the best. Use them, contract with them, and hire them. Always be upgrading and never settle. Find the best, expect the best and continue to work only with those who deliver the best. Those people will help make your real estate investments grow and enrich your life.

We'll talk more about building your employed staff when we cover the 7th Level in the "Receive a Million" section (see page 324). For now I encourage you to have the courage to top-grade those who are close to you in your investing. Whether it's an advisor, a professional associate, or a service provider, do not be afraid to replace that person. You have the right, and if you care about how things turn out in your investing business, you have the obligation.

How things turn out will be a function of who you bring in and, more important, who you keep in. I don't know why people are afraid to say "no" or "no more," but they are. Some people stay in bad relationships, and others put up with less than quality work and not getting what they paid for. Don't do that! Care about people and treat them fairly. However, when people don't do what they say they'll do or don't care about doing

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