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When I got home, I looked it up and discovered that the story didn't end there. As it turns out, the housing reforms in Chile were so effective revealed, "The oldest fortunes in America have come from the land. Unlike Europe, where most of the valuable acreage has been held and passed down by nobility for centuries, American real estate has been open to virtually anybody with the daring and the ingenuity to possess it."3 With that powerful insight in mind, let's take a moment to run through some of the many advantages of investing in real estate that lead Millionaire Real Estate Investors to refer to real estate as a most "able" investment.

For starters, real estate is remarkably accessible to investors. Not only is it easy to understand and easy to find, more significantly, it's easy to finance. In addition to a wide variety of conventional and government-supported mortgage loan programs, there are many sources of private and owner financing. In the end, there are real estate financing options for every type of property and almost every type of buyer (low income to no income, poor credit to no credit, little down to nothing down— you name it). There are typically no insurmountable financial barriers

to entry.

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