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Probably the most common question on the tip of every new investor's tongue is "Now that I'm ready to invest, how do I find great investment properties?" The Lead Generation Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor answers that question. Without leads—prospective properties that look like great opportunities—your investment plan can't be accomplished. To be successful, you need leads—lots of them; in fact, the more, the better. With more leads you get more opportunities, and with more opportunities you get to pick the very best among them. This is what millionaires do. They get the most leads and as a result get the best properties. You could say it's quantity of opportunities first and quality of picks second. This is why millionaires take lead generation seriously and take it big. They know that finding great investment properties is a numbers game and that "the quality is in the quantity."

Finding investment properties isn't easy, but it isn't complicated either. It's about knowing what you're looking for and looking for it. Often, investors aren't clear enough about what they want to find and therefore aren't sure how to find it. Or worse, this lack of clari-

"The deals are out there. But you spend time looking for them. Out of all the houses for sale, only 7 percent are our market."

Elmer Diaz Millionaire Real Estate Investor ty leads them to find the Houston, tx wrong property and mistake it for the right one. This is where the Lead Generation Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor comes in. It bridges the gap between your investment goals and the investment properties that will help you achieve them. It not only will inform your property search but also power it. A lot of people confuse doing the wrong thing with bad luck. The Lead Generation Model shows you how to

prospect and market for investment leads and is one of the main ways you can take luck out of the investment game.

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