The Devil's Wedge 37

Eight MythUnderstandings between You and

Financial Wealth 38

The Big Three: MythUnderstandings about the Way

You Look at Yourself As an Investor 40

Personal Myth 1: I Don't Need to Be an Investor—

My Job Will Take Care of My Financial Wealth 40

Personal Myth 2: I Don't Need or Want to Be

Financially Wealthy—I'm Happy with What I Have 45

Personal Myth 3: It Doesn't Matter If I Want or Need It—

I Just Can't Do It 51

The Five MythUnderstandings about the Way You

Look at Investing 60

Investing Myth 1: Investing Is Complicated 61

Investing Myth 2: The Best Investments Require

Knowledge Most People Don't Have 62

Investing Myth 3: Investing Is Risky—I'll Lose

My Money 63

Investing Myth 4: Successful Investors Are Able to

Time the Market 65

Investing Myth 5: All the Good Investments

Are Taken 67

The Law of Momentum: Compounding Your Success 68

Points to Remember 71

part two: the four stages

Attaining Your Desires

Attaining Your Desires

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