Network Model

• Your Work Network in your investing lifeline. Build it by bringing together a powerful group of people, a dream team, who can play the right roles at the right times so you can achieve your financial dreams.

• The Three Circles of Your Work Network

♦ Inner Circle: the select group you trust the most. They are your mentors, consultants, partners, your "informal board of directors."

♦ Support Circle: the key fiduciary people in your real estate investment life. They are the professionals you rely on to advise you on both the details of specific transactions and the people you will need to complete them.

♦ Service Circle: the specialized independent contractors and freelancers who perform specific functions for a particular property or transaction.

• Work your Work Network—Build it, Maintain it, Engage it.

■ Lead Generation Model:

• To find great investment properties, you need leads, lots of them. The Lead Generation Model informs your property search and powers it, and is one of the main ways you can take luck out of the investment game.

• The Lead Generation Model is built around four core questions:

♦ What am I looking for? Establish your Criteria: location, type, economic, condition, construction, features, amenities. Then devise an APB describing the real estate investment for which you'll be prospecting and marketing.

♦ Who can help me find it? Identify the people who can connect you to properties that meet your Criteria (Owners, Intermediaries, Leads Network)

♦ How will I find the property or the people connected to it? Systematically prospect and market for real estate investment opportunities.

♦ Which properties are the real opportunities? Separate the suspects from the prospects.

• Build your investing posture on the Five Laws of Lead Generation:

♦ Never compromise.

♦ Be organized and systematic.

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