"For beginners, it's just important to start. Most people never start. It doesn't matter where you start because it's not going to be where you end up. With real estate, it's hard to make a bad decision. Unlike stocks, if you buy stocks on margin and it goes down you have to come up with a lot of cash immediately."

Mike Netzel Millionaire Real Estate Investor Pittsburgh, PA

with successful Investors. They may move a little to the left or right of the narrow investment path, but they've earned that right. They can afford to do a little speculating (to seek a greater return) and collecting (to store some wealth), but they never stray too far and never confuse speculating or collecting with invest-

ing. When Warren Buffett, having made his fortune, bought a corporate jet, he didn't try to hide the truth. He appropriately named it The Indefensible. He could afford it, he bought it, but he couldn't justify it as an investment. May we all have the clarity of Warren Buffett.

While I believe that everyone has the potential to become an Investor, the truth is that not everyone will. In my experience you can walk up to anyone and ask, "Would you like to be wealthy?" and I'm certain his or her answer will be yes. However, most people won't achieve it for the simple reason that they are wishful instead of willful in their thinking. This difference makes all the difference. While the wishful enjoy the idea of big financial success, the willful enjoy the actions that lead to real financial success. Some people have a great life just in their heads, and some people just have a great life. It all comes down to how you think and whether your thinking naturally leads you to take action. It's thinking for the sake of doing instead of thinking for thinking's sake.

Millionaire Real Estate Investors are not the kind to get lost on the sidelines. They watch the game unfold, and as soon as they feel they understand what's going on, they dive in and play: They Think Action. They Take Action.

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