Own A Million253

The Labyrinth at Chartres 253

The Seventeen Issues of Own a Million 256

Criteria: Always the Guiding Light 257

Issue 1: Stick or Switch 258

Issue 2: Become an Expert 259

Issue 3: Think in Units 262

Terms: Hold Them Dear 264

Issue 4: Control the Property and Negotiate Everything 269

Issue 5: Finance Creatively 271

Issue 6: Maximize Your NOI 275

Issue 7: Know Your Options for Property Disposition 280

Network: Together Everyone Achieves More 282

Issue 8: Make Associating with Talent Your

Number One Priority 283

Issue 9: Top-Grade for Ever-Increasing Leverage 286

Issue 10: Always Work from Written Proposals and Contracts 288

Issue 11: Protect Your Reputation and Operate with Confidence 289

Money: Give It a Work Ethic 291

Issue 12: Hold Your Money Accountable to Work for You . . . . 291

Issue 13: Minimize Your Tax Exposure 298

You: Your Primary Asset 300

Issue 14: Protect Your Time 300

Issue 15: Protect Your Assets 302

Issue 16: Be Learning Based 303

Issue 17: Be Accountable 305

It All Comes Down to This 306

Points to Remember 308

Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Financial Intelligence

Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Financial Intelligence

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