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These are your sellers. They are the owners of the properties you might want to buy. Some have identified themselves as sellers or own real estate in an area in which you'd like to invest. If they are currently sellers, they're likely to be For Sale by Owners (FSBOs) sellers, active Multiple Listings Service (MLS) sellers, expired MLS sellers (Expireds), or new home sellers (Builders/Developers). If they are owners who are not currently sellers but are likely to be at some point, they are likely to be owners who live out of town (Absentees), owners who rent the property (Landlords), or owners who just acquired the property in order to resell it quickly (Wholesalers). There are also owners you'll target because they own property in an area that matches your Criteria (Owners in an Area).

Real Estate Investment Secrets

Real Estate Investment Secrets

Discover the Jealously Guarded Insights of Real Estate Tycoons and Hot Dealers! Back in the days of the wild, Wild West, when easterners traveled across this vast country looking for opportunity in the newly opened territories, they were often referred to as a ‘tenderfoot’.

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