I'm haunted by the fear that our children may lose their way in a world that values money for what it can buy and not for the good it can do. I am haunted by the idea that our children are growing up in a society that places too much emphasis on the job you have, the salary you make, and the title you wear. An impatient world measured in days, not years, and populated by instant winners, lottery lovers, and a battery of million-dollar game shows. A time when investing has become a romantic notion of high-flying day traders and IPO millionaires or, worse, has become synonymous with a crapshoot plagued by corporate scandal, worthless stock options, and bankrupt pension funds. Most of all I'm haunted that we're teaching a generation that riches come quickly or not at all. My preoccupation with this fear began after I had a conversation with my son in the car.

Big Money—Little Money

I met his eyes in the rearview mirror as if to say, "Fire away." "I'm serious, Dad."

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