Stage 4 Stay the Course

The final stage of building your financial track is to create and sustain energy so that you can stay the course. Don't worry about the economy or the market. Warren Buffett says he doesn't. It's your Criteria that matter, not the conditions that might create their availability. Stick to your plan and invest on the basis of your Criteria. The chart below lays out the specific approach you should take. You will need to devote about 10 hours a week to this wealth-building program. You can do a little each day, or you can do a week's worth each weekend. The choice is yours. Just stay on course.

Millionaire Mindset Affirmation

Millionaire Mindset Affirmation

You already recognize that rich individuals think differently than middle class or poor individuals in every aspect of life. But particularly when it comes to money. That's why they're rich. Their selections and decisions just by nature bring about riches.

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