The Five Models of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Proven models replace the need for years of experience. In fact, it's a case of experience replacing experience—other people's experience replacing the need for yours. With proven models you get the benefit of learning from the mistakes of other people without having to make them yourself. You also get to build on their successes. Models inform your activities, help you get the most out of your efforts, and accelerate you toward your goals. Built with the clarity of hindsight, they answer the all-important question: "What's the best thing for me to do?"

In our research and experience five key models stand out in the world of real estate investing: the Net Worth Model, the Financial Model, the Network Model, the Lead Generation Model, and the Acquisition Model. These five models represent the "best practices" of our Millionaire Real Estate Investors. A few of those investors are experienced speakers and instructors with an amazing breadth of knowledge about investing, some are generalists who ably play whatever cards they have been dealt, and others are niche experts who are building their wealth through specialization. We took the best wisdom we could find in our research and built our models around the idea of a collective Millionaire Real Estate Investor who represents the best of them all. As a result, these five models accurately describe the most widely applicable and timeless intelligence on investing in real estate.

When we set out in search of these models, we were working from the idea that two heads are better than one. By interviewing over 100 Millionaire Real Estate Investors, we amplified that simple truth many times over. For us, then, a hundred heads are better than two. What we

The Five Models of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor

^^ The Net Worth Model—A three-part model for identifying the best investment vehicles for your goals; budgeting your money in order to have more to invest; and tracking your assets and liabilities to measure your progress towards financial wealth.

^^ The Financial Model—A model for understanding the three ways wealth is built through real estate ownership: cash flow, appreciation and debt pay down.

The Network Model—A model for building and organizing a

Network of investing relationships to mentor, advise and help you.

The Lead Generation Model—A model for determining your real estate investment Criteria and then systematically prospecting and marketing for opportunities that match them.

^^ The Acquisition Model—A model for creating Terms that will minimize your risk and maximize your profits when making real estate investment deals.

were looking for was perspective drawn from a large enough group to gain collective wisdom.

Perspective is an amazing thing. The gift it gives us is better vision, the ability to see things as they are and as they are relative to everything else. Perspective gives you the full picture and clarity for your actions. It's our hope that the Five Models of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor will give you the best possible perspective and clarity to apply to your wealth-building career.

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