The Seventeen Issues of Own a Million

• Criteria—Always the Guiding Light

1. Stick or Switch

2. Become an Expert

3. Think in Units

Acquisition Terms

4. Control the Property and Negotiate Everything

5. Finance Creatively Operating Terms

6. Max Your NOI Disposition Terms

7. Know Your Options for Property Disposition

• Network—Together Everyone Achieves More

8. Make Associating with Talent Your #1 Priority

9. Top-Grade for Ever-Increasing Leverage

10. Always Work from Written Proposals & Contracts

11. Protect Your Reputation & Operate with Confidence

12. Hold Your Money Accountable to Work For You

13. Minimize Your Tax Exposure

14. Protect Your Time

15. Protect Your Assets

16. Be Learning-Based

17. Be Accountable

Figure 2

Attaining Your Desires

Attaining Your Desires

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